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  • Does it seem like the struggles of everyday life are overwhelming? Do the demands of life feel like they are attacking you from every side? As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I believe that therapy is a process where I meet you where you are. With a background in child welfare and providing therapy in numerous settings I want to remove the stigma of therapy and encourage each client to start the journey of healing.

    My approach to therapy is acknowledging that we are a team. My role is to provide support as you learn what it means to be to be an expert of your own life. I believe in utilizing a collaborative and other strength-based models of therapy to help work with my client. I specialize in working with tweens, teens, women, and families to help balance the uncertainty of life. Some areas of expertise include stress management, communication, anger, anxiety, depression, parent management and family therapy.

    Therapy can be a scary thing, but I invite you to reach out and start the journey.