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  • Understanding the Woman Behind an Empowering Movement

    Understanding the woman behind an empowering movement

    Hello and welcome to fix your focus.

    In this podcast episode, we will talk to Michele Dawes, founder of real chicks rock, a brand for women to be themselves with their imperfections and mistakes.

    Michele is also an entrepreneur speaker, community service activist, philanthropist, talk radio personality and professional mentor with a degree in computer information science from and an MBA in management.

    She was raised by a Jamaican grandmother who taught her so much about being an independent and driven woman.

    Here you will understand why and how Michele saw the necessity of creating an empowering movement and how it is designed to show you how to be a rock within yourself and how to build a foundation to be solid.  This brand embodies other women who have similar feelings to grow and shed insecurities and vulnerabilities.

    We will talk about how important is for young girls to believe in themselves from a young age and the amazing ideas and workshops Michele has to help them relieve the pressure of growing up and fit in while their bodies are changing.

    Also, we will discuss the importance of older women sharing their knowledge and how men can also absorb that knowledge and use it to raise independent girls. And at the end of this podcast episode, Michele will talk to us about changing our mindset through education.

    Click here if you want to hear the entire interview and get to know the real chicks rock movement created by Michele:

    Understanding the woman behind the brand by Fix you Focus

    If you want to contact Michele directly you can look for her on Facebook: @realchicksrock1 & @micheledawesbirt or Instagram: realchicksrock. She also has a website called

    And remember! You rock! And always make sure to be part of an empowering movement where you can help other women grow and be their better versions. See you in the next episode.

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