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  • How to Have a Successful Blended Family

    Hello and welcome to Fix Your Focus!

    In this episode, we will be going through the unspoken stressors of having a blended family and some of the areas that people need to learn and navigate when they have this type of family.

    We have a unique guest today, her name is Alicia Jackson, a licensed professional counselor who graduated with her master’s degree in counseling from Wayne State University.

    She is a woman with a strong desire and passion to provide support and tools for her clients and families to feel that they are in a safe place. She has trained in motivational interviewing, CBT, trauma-focused CBT, and dialectical behavioral therapy, also known as DBT.

    She has experience working with children, adults, and families through grief, adaption, blended families, divorce, depression, anxiety, and numerous other disorders.

    Alicia will teach us about the most common barriers in a blended family and the best ways to start building relationships with the new family, which she considers extremely important.

    We will also be covering some of the most common ideas to successfully blend a family and create a healthy environment for all parties.

    As part of her experience, she explains that blending a family is not an easy task and one that requires a lot of work but after that, it will be a beautiful experience.

    If you are interested in hearing more of what Alicia has to say, you can listen to the full episode and if you want to contact her you can go to her Facebook page: Alicia Jackson LPC.

    Remember that there is not a rule indicating what a family should look like. Your family can be happy and healthy just like any other.

    And although it sounds cliché, no family is perfect, and they all require a bit of work so don’t feel alone.

    If you want to listen to the full episode you can click here:

    Blended Families

    I wish the best working on your blended family and you are amazing just for trying. See you around!

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