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  • What Can You Do After a Breakup?

    Hey there! Welcome to Fix Your Focus.

    Today we have a good topic around breakups and what can women do in the meantime to recover their self-love and purpose.

    Our incredible guest today is Chaute Thompson, a licensed mental health counselor in Florida and Georgia who specializes in strengthening the family unit and helping families that are going through separation and divorce to grow and heal.

    She is passionate about helping others grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually into the best version of themselves.

    Mrs. Thompson coaches women who have experienced a significant breakup to grow through the process of rediscovering.

    During this interview, we asked several things about the transition period after a breakup and ways to find ourselves again after something like this happens using constant self-care and self-love.

    Also, we will talk about the importance of forgiveness in the healing process and she will show us the 4 steps to forgive an ex.

    As leaving a relationship is scary we will ask her about this feeling and why it is so common to be scared of loneliness and the importance of acknowledging these emotions.

    If you want to hear more about this topic and learn what should be your next steps after a breakup you should go and check the entire interview.

    And if you want to get in touch with Mrs. Thompson you can go to her Instagram: @chautethompson and her Facebook: Chaute Thompson, LMHC.

    This interview has really good information that you can actually start applying, and you have access to the entire episode here:

    In the Meantime by Fix Your Focus

    I want you to remember that it is okay to feel afraid and sad but it is also okay to get up and recover yourself to face the world. A breakup is not the end of your life, it is a new start. See you in the next episode.

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