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  • Mental Health in the African American Community

    Hey there! Welcome to Fix Your Focus.

    In this episode, we are going to talk about a very important topic that is not covered very often: mental health in minorities.

    Our guest today is Bianca Carta, she obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Spelman and her Masters of Arts and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi.

    She will talk to us about how the mental health of women of color has always been affected, but now society is hiding it less by getting rid of the “superwoman complex”.

    Then, Dr. Bianca will show us some of the barriers women of color have when they are trying to look for therapy or help of any kind. Because if they go to therapy they will be seen as “weak”.

    Also, we discuss the lack of resources some women have when looking for help and how there’s a lack of empathy on this side of the problem. She will talk to us about the need to break generational patterns that affect how they see themselves.

    Traumatic situations are the main causes of bad mental health and Dr. Bianca will show us the process to recognize and heal those issues.

    As you can see this is a really big topic that has so many sub-topics but the main idea is that everyone should be taking care of their mental health and especially women of color, because they tend to normalize those bad feelings without looking for help, which is not good.

    If you want to know more you can hear the entire episode here. And if you want to talk directly with Dr. Bianca you can go to her website: Therapy | Crudup Psychological Services.

    And check the entire episode:

    Mental Health & Minorities by Fix Your Focus

    I hope this was helpful and always remember: look for help when you need to, you are not alone and your mental health is really, REALLY important.

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