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  • Pushing Through Fear: How to Be a Fearless Woman

    Pushing through fear: how to be a fearless woman

    Hello and welcome to fix your focus!

    In this episode, we will be talking about women pushing through fear. You will understand where are those fears coming from and how you can overcome them and become a fearless woman.

    Our amazing guest in this episode is Iris Logan, she is a mother of four, licensed and ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and serial entrepreneur.

    Iris will help us understand which are the common struggles women face when it comes to fear and why do we all share those fears.

    We will go deep into the fear of losing control and how it’s affecting women’s lives. Also, she explains why fear is actually fake and how you can past by fear as it doesn’t exist.

    As a spiritual woman, Iris will share with us some of the ways she uses to manage problems and fear in a spiritual way and the relevance that self-care (physical, emotional and spiritual) has in our lives.

    As part of this, we describe why having a close circle of people associated with all the good things in our lives can change and improve your life!

    So if you want to understand your fears and overcome them in a spiritual way you should click the link below and listen to the entire interview:

    Pushing Through Fear by Fix Your Focus

    You can find Iris on Facebook or Twitter at The Lady Phoenix Ministry. Or reach to her by email: [email protected].

    Remember, fears are an illusion trying to put you away from your dreams. Pushing through fear is the only way to succeed. Check the entire interview and see you in the next episode.

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