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  • Reunification Therapy

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    Reunification Therapy Available to Patients in Southfield, MI, and Surrounding Areas

    At Focus Therapy Clinic, we understand that family dynamics can be complex, and sometimes, circumstances lead to strained relationships, especially between parents and children. Our dedicated team of experienced and compassionate reunification therapists is here to guide families in Southfield, Michigan, through the process of rebuilding and strengthening parent-child connections.

    What is Reunification Therapy?

    Reunification therapy is a specialized process, often court-ordered, designed to rebuild parent-child relationships affected by various challenges such as trauma, separation, or divorce. Our skilled reunification therapists are trained to address the unique needs of families, providing a supportive and collaborative environment for the emotional well-being of the child.

    The Reunification Therapy Experience

    Embarking on the reunification therapy journey may seem daunting, but we ensure a collaborative experience with the family. Our reunification therapists work diligently to foster understanding, communication, and healing, facilitating the path toward a healthier and more connected family unit.

    Pricing and Sessions

    We understand the importance of accessible therapy services. Our reunification therapy starts at $200 for the initial intake session, with individual sessions available at $185 (private pay only). We are committed to providing quality care that fits the unique needs of each family.

    Contact Us to Learn More

    If you’re considering reunification therapy or want more information about our services in Southfield, MI, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our reunification therapists are ready to guide you through the next steps toward rebuilding family bonds and creating a brighter tomorrow.