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  • Ecwiauna Wooten, Master’s Level Student Intern


    My name is Ecwiauna Wooten (She/Her). I am elated to provide support for you along with allowing you to be yourself. It brings me great joy to be welcomed in your healing journey process. Healing can come in different forms. Whether you are trying to heal from trauma, emotional stress, or cope with anxiety I strive to provide the space to whichever may fit you.

    To share a little about myself. I am passionate about challenging the misleading narrative about mental health in all communities, especially the black community. I am proud of who I am and where I come from. I welcome others to be themselves unapologetically. I always knew my purpose was to help in some way. In the past I’ve thought through different career paths and Marriage and Family Therapy called out for me and I have answered the call proudly. I have knowledge and training working in the mental health field. I’ve worked in school systems, juvenile detention centers, and foster care/group homes for youth.

    In my downtime, I love spending time with my spouse and my fur baby. I enjoy playing video games, painting, and spending time with my support system and the outdoors. I have lived in different states and cities. One of my greatest joys is traveling to different places and learning about their history and beauty. Traveling has allowed me to meet different types of people and learn their stories. 

    My ultimate goal is to create a safe supportive environment that will allow conversations to meet you where you are. In doing so we can partner and brainstorm solutions to current and past issues.

    Let’s reach healthier living together!