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  • Sasha Johnson, Master’s Level Student Intern

    My name is Sasha Johnson, and I am delighted to be a part of Focus Therapy Clinic. My passion is effective communication, positivity, seeking joy, and healing the heart. I am currently working on completing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at North University. I have an affinity for working with teen girls, couples in relationships, parents and their teens, and individual women. 

    As a clinician it is my goal to help each individual I work with, in total collaboration, while recognizing you as the expert of your life, the captain of your ship, as I supportively, without judgment, assist you in navigating the waters.

    I understand the difficulty of relationships, trying to discover who you are and want to be as a person. I understand pain, loss, frustration, sadness, medical issues, self-reflection, spiritual and religious exploration, and wanting to be happy. My intention and commitment are to work with you, build a trusting relationship, help you identify and locate your strengths and resiliency, to repair relationships, and most importantly feel amazing about yourself. We will do this journey together, as true teammates, celebrating your differences while finding your inner magic.

    I approach therapy foremost from Solutions-Focused Therapy, which is a goal-oriented, strengths-based perspective based on what is happening right now and finding solutions. Think of it as a treasure map to find your chest filled with gold. I also incorporate some Narrative therapy, helping you to separate your problem from who you are so that you can rewrite your story and I use Structural Therapy, which focuses on interactions between family members in their family system to aid in better communication, acceptance, and family harmony by changing unproductive patterns of interaction to productive positive ones.

    When I’m not doing therapy or coursework for my Master’s, I am spending time with family and friends (which energizes me and fills me with joy and love) playing tennis, boating on the lake, camping, traveling nationally and internationally or playing euchre or mahjong.

    During therapy, when I am with you on your journey, I am fully focused on you, you are my priority. I will create a safe space for you to be heard while assisting you in your self-discovery, making changes to enhance your life as you find your sunlight.