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  • Shellie Crook, MA, LLMFT, Licensed Clinician

    I believe that change is inevitable and often we find ourselves out of sync with it. Did I change too soon? Am I resisting change? Am I aware that change has or needs to occur? Being out of sync with change can bring on all sorts of emotional and physical difficulties. As a result, we may find ourselves somewhere we do not want to be or at minimum unsure of how to “be” where we are.

    I am here to help you to your desired destination, even if that destination is being where you are.

    As your Therapist (Journey Agent) we will:

    work together (individuals, couples, and families) to develop goals/plans (your personalized Journey Guide). Identifying difficulties with relationships of all kinds (intimate, marital, friend), infidelity, parenting and behavioral concerns, anger management, self-esteem/care/love, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, and more. Begin understanding where we are and then where we hope to be. Lastly, determine the best mode of travel to get to the chosen destination.

    Helping others has always been a part of who I am and what I believe in. My style as a Marriage and Family Therapist is systemic, collaborative, and integrative in nature, which keeps you, the client (Journeyer) at the center.

    Let your journey begin!