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  • The Stressors of Growing: Leveling Up Strategies

    The stressors of growing: leveling up strategies

    Hey there, welcome to fix your focus,

    In today’s episode, we talk about the stressors caused by leveling up in your life, growing your business, or improving your brand.

    To help us with that we have Megan Davis, an award-winning, speaker, business architect and strategist. She teaches her clients the importance of leveraging their brilliance to build their personal brands and also how to diverse and diversify their business portfolios.

    Megan will share with us the secret to constantly motivate ourselves to level up and how everyone can do this. Besides, she explains what can you do when you are not exactly sure what your calling in life is.

    Here we talk about the big areas that women need to focus on when they are trying to create a business brand for themselves and why you need to identify your strengths and abilities and look for ways to leverage the things you are not really good at.

    Also, we will share exercises, tips and leveling up strategies that women can use when they are dealing with stress or when they need to change their mindset to identify their bigger and improved versions.

    Last but not least, we will walk you through the identification of your goals and how you should be prioritizing them. And of course, we talk about coaching and assistance, do you need a coach? What type of coach? Because not every type will fit you.

    Interesting, right? There are so much value and knowledge in this interview! So if you want to listen the full episode you can click here:

    The Stressors of Leveling Up by Fix Your Focus

    You can find Megan on Facebook as @megandavisaderele & @theadituagency.

    We hope this episode can help you grow your business and improve every area in your life that you need in order to be successful. Go and check the interview and let us know what you think. See you in the next episode!

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