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  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

    Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

    Hello! Welcome to fix your focus.

    In this podcast episode, we will talk about establishing healthy boundaries in relationships and the importance it has in today’s modern world.

    Our incredible guest today is Teresa Syms she is a mindset transformation coach, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, multiple award-winning author, and three times number one bestselling co-author.

    She has rebuilt her life by transforming her mindset and now teaches others how to do the same and believes that the events of our past must not define who we are in our present or future.

    Teresa helps us understand the importance of healthy boundaries to protect ourselves and others around us. And shows us that we need to constantly check them, no matter our age or for how long have we been on a relationship.

    Here you will understand the process to identify unhealthy boundaries, breaking them and set new healthy ones! Just by listening to your inner confidence and putting yourself as a top priority in your life. Also, we will go through why putting boundaries tend to be more difficult for women because of the way we are raised.

    Teresa will talk about a really important term called the circle of excellence that you definitely need to understand. So click here to listen to the entire interview!

    She has a great book called a century of secrets that you can get on her website: or on Amazon! And also, if you want to contact her directly you can email her at [email protected] or see her on Facebook: @TeresaSymsTransformationalCoach

    Click the following link so you can listen to this lovely conversation I had with Teresa:

    Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Relationships by Fix Your Focus

    We all need to fix our boundaries because you know, nobody is perfect! Creating healthy boundaries is the only way to get a healthy relationship that will fulfill you. See you in the next episode.

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